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Contractor Intro

In an effort to assist our signatory Contractors, Laborers’ Local 1309 employs a variety of tools capable of helping contractors to maintain a well-trained and efficient workforce that is capable of completing a project in a safe and efficient manner.  At Local 1309, we stand ready to assist you in any manner you may need, whether it be assisting with manpower, training, compliance or investigating a non-union competitor who may be in violation of prevailing wage or apprenticeship standards.

We also make available all classes from the Laborers Training School to our membership and if a contractor has special training needs, we encourage you to contact a Business Representative at (562) 421-9346.

Additionally, if a contractor needs to request Laborers or Apprentices, here is a link to our Contractor Request Form.  Just complete and fax to our office at (562) 421-5964 and our Dispatcher will be happy to assist you.

MLA Wages 2022-23

2023 Union Dues

Active Members: $45 per month
Retirees: $8 per month

Contractor Request Form

Apprentice Indenture Form