3971 Pixie ave. Lakewood, CA, 90712


Laborers Training School Info

In an effort to provide the very best training to our Membership and provide a highly skilled and motivated workforce for our contractors, we utilize the Southern California Laborers’ Training School based out of Azusa, Ca with satellite training taking place at our main office at 3971 Pixie Ave., Lakewood.


Training Opportunity

With a large and diverse scope of work, Laborers find themselves uniquely positioned to capture large shares of the construction market. In order to do so we must constantly train to refresh and learn new skills to add value to our members on the job. Laborers work in various locations, such as roads, highways, parks, schools, refineries, seaports and airports performing tasks ranging, but not limited to, concrete, asphalt, demolition, fencing, excavation, underground and refinery work, as well as many other scopes of work. We encourage all members to take advantage of our Laborers Training School and please feel free to contact us at the Union Hall for more information. Class schedules are available online or at the Union Hall.

Refineries Opportunity

With the passage of SB-54, the contractors who service the area’s oil refineries have found themselves in need of qualified Apprentices and Journeymen who have graduated the Apprenticeship Program to fill their workforce. Currently, we are signing more and more contractors, so now is the time to prepare and get the safety training and background checks required to be eligible for these positions.

Training School Calendar

2024 Union Dues

Active Members: $46 per month
Retirees: $8 per month