Local 1309 has been working hard to protect your safety and in doing so we may have the opportunity to get our Membership early registration for Covid 19 vaccinations.

If you are interested in obtaining a Covid Vaccination please register your information below and we will contact you, in the order, you have registered, as opportunities become available.  Please understand that your registration does not guarantee your vaccination, but only registers your interest to be contacted.

Make your voice heard! NO on SB 467!NO on SB 467! California Can’t Afford Scott Wiener and Monique Limon!

Senators Scott Wiener and Monique Limón, of San Francisco and Santa Barbara, are threatening hundreds of thousands of good-paying, blue-collar jobs with an irresponsible bill. SB 467 will make California a beached whale, overwhelming our ports and making us utterly dependent on foreign gas and diesel shipped thousands of miles from the Middle East and Russia. According to a new report issued by Capitol Matrix, this bill will increase the cost of gas up to $10 a gallon, costing hard-working California families thousands of dollars every year. California cannot afford Senators Wiener and Limón. Please join us in opposition to SB 467.