Local 1309 Members / Payments

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Local 1309 Terms & Agreements

Laborers International Union of North America, Local Union 1309 a/k/a Laborers Local 1309 is pleased to be able to provide its members payment of monthly (window) union dues through an online payment system. The monthly dues rates are as follows:

Monthly Dues

Journeyman – $41
Apprentice – $41
Retirees – $15
Retirees 62 and Over – $9


A service fee of 1.64% for using the online payment system will apply to each payment. Each monthly dues payment made through this online payment system must be made by 4.00PM the last day of the month in order to be considered timely. The maximum payment allowed per transaction is $400.00.

Laborers Local 1309 accepts the following credit cards for payment through the online payment system:

If you encounter any problems using the online payment system, please contact us at our business office (address below) during the hours of 7:00AM -12:00 Noon and 1:00PM-4:00PM Pacific time:

Laborers International Union of North America, Local Union 1309
3971 Pixie Ave.
Lakewood, California (USA)
Phone: (562) 421-9346

You may also direct any concerns about the online payment system to us via email at info@local1309.com.

Return/Refund/Cancellation Policy

Payments made for dues and assessments are subject to a no-refund policy. If you have questions about resignation from union membership or other cessation of union dues payment obligations, please contact your business agent at (213)385-3550. By making a payment through the online payment system, you are confirming that you have read and understand our no-refund policy.

Online Privacy Statement

Laborers Local 1309 is committed to protecting the privacy of its members who utilize this online payment system. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to advise you about the collection and use of personal information that occurs through use of this online payment system. From time to time, Laborers Local 1309 may modify this Privacy Statement.

The only personal information Laborers Local 1309 collects online is information voluntarily provided by the member to process her/his payment. This information may include, but is not limited to your name, mailing address, member identification number, email address, and phone number. Any personal information you provide to us may be used to contact you so that we may process your payment or provide you with information about your online dues payment.

In addition, by accessing Laborers Local 1309’s web site and online payment system, information about your computer hardware and software is automatically collected. This information may include your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times and referring Web site addresses. However, with the exception of our online contact forms, we do not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable. This means that while your use of the website will be logged, you will remain anonymous to us.

Laborers Local 1309’s policies limit access to personal user information that is collected through this online payment system to those employees of Laborers Local 1309 who need the information to fulfill their business responsibilities. Any vendors and other outside contractors that Laborers Local 1309 engages who will be given access to this website or any information posted here are or will be subject to the Local’s contractual requirements to ensure that sensitive personal information is safeguarded. This does not apply to labor organizations with which Laborers Local 1309 is affiliated. Each such organization has its own privacy policy, which you may obtain directly from it, and which it is responsible for enforcing. If you need assistance in contacting such organizations for privacy-related information, please let us know by contacting us at the contact numbers and addresses above. Laborers Local 1309’s employees must adhere to Laborers Local 1309’s Privacy Statement. Employees violating the Local’s Privacy Statements are subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

The information collected will be shared with the Laborers International Union of North America in order to process the portion of your dues which is a per capita payment and to assure that you receive the benefits associated with your membership in that organization. The information is also shared with other entities (principally, other labor organizations) with which Laborers Local 1309 is affiliated, such as the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the Los Angeles-Orange County Building and Construction Trades Council and others, for the same reasons/purposes.

To ensure the privacy of our members, Laborers Local 1309 utilizes appropriate measures, including advanced technology, to protect personal information collected online against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. These may include, among others, encryption, physical access security, and other appropriate technologies. This online payment system is not directed at persons under the age of 18. Laborers Local 1309 will continually review and enhance its security systems, as necessary.

Laborers Local 1309’s site may contain links to third-party web sites. Laborers Local 1309 is not responsible for the content or privacy practices employed by the third-party web sites that are linked to Laborers Local 1309’s web site.